Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lest We Forget

Update: I also posted this sign on Facebook. There I received this publicly posted comment:

Chris Swan (Esquimalt Secondary School) wrote
at 11:33am
extreme right wing=facist=people working for the government
extreme left wing=communist=government working for the people
which one sounds more dicitorial?
i think grade 12 history should be manditory in school

Mr. Swan is 18 years old, states his political views as "New Democratic Party", belongs to a group called "The Eventual downfall of Capitalism WILL bring about Socialism, eventually", doesn't know how to use a spell checker, and clearly doesn't know a thing about the following countries or care a whit about the people in them:
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Tibet
  • Cuba
  • ... and many, many others



shippedout said...


With this dip sh@#. Just remember this old saying.

"if you are not a socialist at 19 you have no heart. If you are still a socialist at 25 you have no brains"

Give this live at home wanker a wife, a couple of kids and a hockey sock of bills to pay. Boy will he change his tune.

See you at tomorrows rally.

Pelalusa said...

Thanks for your support!

Quick update: Soon after I "dared" to respond to him, pointing out the error of his logic about communism, someone tried to hack into my Facebook account.

Mere coincidence?!?

shippedout said...


I will be easy to find tomorrow. This being the left/wet coast I live in shorts year round. Stop by and introduce your self.

My e-mail address is my published name @hotmail
I will round trip a memo to you with my phone #.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you didn't get punkd?
Looking at his page he seems to be a member of the Stop the Lib-NDP-Bloq Coalition and Stephen Harper has 1,000,000 friends link. Never heard of the latter one. Likely could be a phishing expedition. Nonetheless this kid isn't helping his own case of attracting any girls with brains.

Pelalusa said...

Dear Anon, no I don't think I was punked. For instance, I joined the Jack Layton Facebook group temporarily so that I could flush out a fellow who publicly stated on a CBC News Forum that Conservatives had issued death threats against him. It is almost 24 hours later but I have not heard a thing back. Perhaps my insistence of taking the matter to the RCMP made him think twice!

ShippedOut: I'm pretty easy to spot: I'll likely have a Canadian flag on me like a cape and be taking plenty of photos!!!