Monday, December 08, 2008

Jean Charest's Majority Victory in Quebec!

In the second early Xmas present to Canada, Quebec voters have returned Jean Charest and his provincial Liberals to a majority government in the province of Quebec.
Some of the commenters on the linked CBC story are beyond delusional about the meaning of this victory. Here are some examples:

So Harper, you drummed all the Progressive elements out of your party into the Liberal Party and lo Jean Charest has won a Liberal Majority government! Strong Liberal governments in Quebec and Ontario, plus all you're anti-Quebec separatist talk, and your dreams of majority have gone *poof*! buh-bye Steve, buy-bye!
Down with the PQ, the ADQ, and the anti-Quebec Harper! We've spoken and we are a part of Canada, we will remain that way, and we won't let anyone who hates us or others define Quebec!

This is exactly what Charest got unlike Bush Jr... who said right after the last election, " think we got a stronger mandate this time" - lol. Harperites, this is what a stronger mandate really means... learn something from this!

To the Radical Leftists (I'm not exaggerating one iota with that term) who normally inhabit the CBC forums, I left this comment:

This is the 2nd pre-Xmas present for all Canadians! First, a majority of Canadians fought back against the dreams & wishes of a small elite and showed that we will not have our democracy stolen away from us. Now a federalist premier of Quebec is elected: Congrats to Quebecers and congrats to Canada! P.S. To those fellow commenters that are trying to some how spin this into a vote against Harper, you truly have drank too much Koalition Kool-Aid. This election PROVES that the recent actions in Ottawa had ZERO effect on helping the Parti Quebecois!!!


Anonymous said...

"This election PROVES that the recent actions in Ottawa had ZERO effect on helping the Parti Quebecois!!!"

Did the PQ not regain official opposition status or does that not fit into your theory?

Pelalusa said...

Mon Anonymous Ami,

Ever since the constitutional crisis began, Canadians were told that Stephen Harper's actions were going to sink Jean Charest's majority victory hopes. This did not happen. Live with it!

nachtwache said...

I was just going to comment that same thing, that the media had been saying Charest would be hurt by the PM's remarks. Well, he got elected with a (slim) majority, but a majority nonetheless.