Thursday, December 04, 2008

How Things Change ... When It's Convenient

Lorrie Goldstein illustrates the enormous hypocrisy of Stephane Dion in this article. Here are 4 choice quotes from the past

(1) Dion, April 4, 1997: "We are a federation threatened with break-up, and faced with a separatist ideology which promotes suspicion, divisions and envy between citizens. When one group of MPs arrives in Ottawa with the sole mandate of promoting the interests of their own region, this encourages other regions to elect MPs who in turn promote only their interests, and we lose any sense of a national opposition committed to the good of Canada as a whole.''

(2) Dion, Dec. 10, 1998: "Let me sum up this separatist-style politics of booty ... It consists of demanding something from the federal government; more power, more money. If the federal government says no, then you return to Quebecers and you tell them: You see how unyielding and unfair this federation is to you, we've got to get out! If the federal government says yes, the message to Quebecers becomes: You see the bargaining power you get by electing separatists, so imagine the power you'd have if you voted 'Yes' in a referendum ... So how does one thwart this logic of booty? Quite simply, by refusing to play the game. By stating very clearly that one has no intention of giving in to this kind of blackmail ... We won't improve this social union by trying to accommodate the separatists or those who might be tempted to vote for them."

(3) Dion, March 2, 1996: "In the past, as much as Liberals may have disagreed with the Conservatives and the NDP, at least we knew that we shared a common belief in Canada. Today, with the regionalist parties (like the Bloc) this is not the case. We need many leaders, not just Liberals, who will stand up again for our common Canadian values."

(4) Dion, Nov. 26, 1996: "There is a great contrast between the tolerance of Quebec society and the intolerance of the secessionist option ... That is why Quebec secession is a project which favours exclusion, and would breed intolerance and division among communities that are now living in harmony."

And yet, we have the Sheeple throughout the media telling us that Le Coalition is the best thing for Canada and that if we disagree then we're either unpatriotic or prejudiced toward Quebecers. How do journalists actually sleep at night? Only through booze & pills perhaps?!?

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