Monday, December 01, 2008

Canada's Constitutional Crisis: 3 Preferred Outcomes

This evening I spoke at length with a Canadian friend in the U.S. We both came to the conclusion that these are the most preferential scenarios, starting with the best first:

  1. The Governor General grants Stephen Harper's [anticipated] request to hold another election, in which all but the Radical Left in this country will tell the Liberals and the NDP what they think of this disgrace and abandonment of all democratic tradition.

  2. The GG grants Le Cabal de Trois their wish to control the reins of power as they see fit. Keep in mind that the world is entering a recession and Jack Layton will be the Finance Minister. Let that sit in your mind for awhile. Eventually there will be an election and then Canadian voters will have their say.

  3. The GG forces everyone to go back to Parliament and this mess continues.

P.S. #2 is reflected upon by Jonathan Kay here. Michael Bliss provides an astute commentary of why the GG can not let #2 occur.

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hms victory said...

I don't know what all the fuss is about when clearly if PM Harper really wants to hold on to power at all costs, he can just simply prorogue the session and send everyone home for Christmas early.

The Opposition motion will lose immediate momentum and the public will probably prefer to spend the holiday season thinking about more joyous things in life than politics.

Then in the New Year we'll see if the Super Left Friends coalition is still intact....