Thursday, November 24, 2005

Xmas Donation Project - Here's How You Can Help!

As I mentioned in the post above a friend donated a computer and monitor for me to give away to a needy family. But my search to find such a family quickly revealed that there is a great need out there. In economic terms, demand far outstrips supply ... at least my supply!

So I've started searching through my older computer accessories to see what I have available to donate. There are a few things I had forgotten about. Asking around to some friends this evening, I discovered that they have some computer related items that are just collecting dust as well; not always a complete computer system, but sometimes a spare monitor, sometimes an extra keyboard & mouse, etc.

It's my belief that this blog, as public as it is, is the most effective way to get the word out about what I'm trying to do. I can refer to it in e-mails and others can do the same. I will be getting the word out to my friends, my fellow professional engineers, my colleagues in the software business, and anybody else I can think of. If you can help then please send an e-mail to a special address I've just set up: If you don't know me personally then I will provide any & all references you require.

I'd like to close by saying that I'm not trying to be some kind of Mother Teresa here. I was just trying to help a friend free up some space, and do the right thing in the process. Just like everybody else, I have a ton things on my plate already. But my inquiry to find one family in need has identified several more. If I can help them then I surely will. All I would hope of anyone reading this is to look around your home & office and think about asking others to do the same. For without a doubt, should more than 11 computer systems be made available, I'm sure we could easily find legitimate homes where they could really help out. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, isn't that what Chrismas is really all about?


Anonymous said...

I've always got stuff like this. Old computer accessories etc. Phones, printers. Some I can sell, but many I just give away. Either through big brothers, Canadian diabetes etc...who'll pick it up or the website for YVR.

good luck,


Anonymous said...

I have an blue apple that is sitting in my basement - where do you want these sent to?