Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We Won, We Won, We Won!!!

Over the past 10 weeks my volleyball team has struggled to win the golden crown. And this evening we did!

We won our first match without too much difficulty.

In the 2nd match we won the first game but lost the 2nd. The 3rd game was a short one, just up to 7 points. At one point the score was 4 - 1 in the other team's favour. But then we came back and won 7 - 4.

A big Yoo Hoo for everyone on my team: Myriam, Brooke, Frances, Rich, myself, and Dennis.

We set a goal of winning this league so that we'd get promoted to the league above. And we did! I'm sooooo happy!!!


Balagan said...

Congrats Rob! Hey, is that Dennis from Hamber to your left?

Hillary said...

yeahoo! Congrats! :-)

imafoxx said...

HAHAHA....I love how you blurred our faces out :p