Sunday, November 20, 2005

Harvey Wallbanger

A friend of mine keeps making reference on here to "Harvey Wallbanger". I've searched my memory and the only thing that keeps coming back is a vague reference to a game I once had for an old Atari computer. It featured a large rabbit that you moved around the screen to pick up various numbers. What's interesting is how I acquired this game. This was circa 1981 or so, long before today's modern Internet existed. In fact, at that time there weren't even CD-ROMs!!! Oh, nostalgia!

I acquired the game by typing in a series of codes from a magazine. And there weren't just a few, but rather pages & pages of them. There was built-in error checking though, with each line having what's known by programmers as a "checksum". So if you made a mistake, the program could tell you on which line the mistake occurred. It was a time consuming progress but a fun one!

Fast forward to today. I Googled for "Harvey Wallbanger game" and found this. It doesn't feature a rabbit ... though is fun in its own right. Using the arrow keys you move a 3-D ball around, trying to pick up objects along the way. And there's entertaining disco music the entire time. A different kind of way to wake up this sleepy Sunday morning!

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