Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wither Canada

If historians ever want to find out why Canada fell apart, they only need to study one day: November 1, 2005. For it is on this day that many great truths about the state of our country were clearly and succinctly presented:

  • From a previous prime minister it was learned that responsibility and accountability do not matter. The ends justify the means.
  • From the national media it was learned that it's more important to joke around with a national leader accused of major incompetence (and suspected of much worse) than to hold him accountable for the atrocious actions of his government.
  • From the current NDP leader it was learned that wrong is right as long as you can blackmail someone who has more to lose than you.

And perhaps most telling of all, it was learned from the people of Canada that none of the above really matters. For "everyone steals", so what's so wrong with one more or ten more people doing the same? When asked why they won't vote for the opposition, the Conservatives, Canadians have collectively said, "No, we can't do that. They're going to repress all women and lock up all immigrants. We know this because the Liberals and media have told us so!"

This is what historians will find when they look back at Canada today. No cohesive nation can continue on with its youngsters being taught such lessons. Realizing this obvious fact, these historians will then find it easier to figure out why Quebec broke away first, Alberta second, and B.C. third. As for the rest ... frankly it does not matter, because the whole purpose of the country being whole will have been long forgotten.

Wither Canada.

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