Monday, November 28, 2005

The Canadian Political Situation - In American Terms

A number of American friends have started asking me what is happening with the federal government here in Canada. So I thought I'd provide a Coles Notes version for Americans:

To understand the current state of the Canadian political system, imagine an election taking place in 90% blue (Democrat) states. But also imagine that the Democrats have been in power for most of the last 100 years, with only brief periods of Republican rule. And since 1993 they've been in power constantly.

In Canada, the Democrats are called Liberals and the Republicans (albeit a much more centrist version) are called Conservatives.

Because of this almost certainty of power and for several other historical reasons unique to the province of Quebec, corruption is rampant amongst the Liberals. They have changed leaders and moved a few other pieces around the chessboard, but they're still the same old party.

Just like the Mainstream Media (MSM) in the U.S., the MSM in Canada are distinctly left-wing, thus heavily supporting the Liberals in most every case. And unlike in the U.S., our senators are appointed, as is our Governor General (the Queen's token representative). The last and the current GG are left-leaning CBC hacks who accomplished little in their careers but were both female minorities. There's more than a general awareness that if you're in the media and kind to the ruling party that good things will happen to you later in life. And surprise, surprise, they often do!

So what happens is that election after election, the Conservatives get demonized by the MSM whereas the Liberals gets softball questions. And just like a good magician (but a pathetic journalist) the MSM focuses the public's attention on unimportant issues, whereas the important things - like crime, medicare, and productivity - get little to no attention.

Does this all sound like a Banana Republic? Welcome to La Rebublica Norte de Canada!!!

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