Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kathleen Parker vs. Maureen Dowd

Here's an interesting editorial by Kathleen Parker, disputing Maureen Dowd's assertion that men find women less desirable as they become more successful.

I think Dowd is doing what too many people do: Inventing crazy theories to suit their own prejudices. Sure, some men may be intimidated by more successful women but, in my experience, not most.

In my 41 years I've dated a plethora of women. One of them was a Torontonian teacher named Mary C. She was absolutely stunning, with deep green eyes that would tame even the wildest caveman. But soon after we got together she started saying some "interesting" things such as:

  • "Women" is a derogatory term because it's a derviation of "men". The correct spelling should be "Womyn".
  • The term "lady" is derogatory and should never be used.

We soon parted ways, with her getting involved with a guy who treated her like crap (her words).

Another time I was told to F-off by a woman I opened a door for. "Do you think I'm helpless?!", she exclaimed to me.

I later related these stories to a psychologist friend of mine. With little pause he said, "Just because you're a feminist doesn't prevent you from being an asshole!"


Anonymous said...

"Just because you're a feminist doesn't prevent you from being an asshole!"

Au contrair ,mon ami.

It should be "because your a feminist your probably also an asshole!

Horny Toad

Hillary said...

Ah, my buddy horny toad. You ARE a cantankerous one, aren't you?

I think while 'feminism' over history (whether it's been called that or not) has brought good things overall - much more equal wages, opened professions, more equal treatment, the right to VOTE, for heaven's sake, etc - it's also made life kinda hard for guys in that they never know whether acting like a gentelman is going to be greeted with appreciation or if it's gonig to get their head bitten off.

Womyn?!?! 'Lady' a derogatory term?!?! That's one of the most ridiculous things I've heard!!

For me, if I'm NOT treated like a LADY, see ya later!

imafoxx said...

hillary I have to agree with you 100%.

I love it when a man holds the door open for me. I think even feminists secretly like it when a man is a gentleman, of course they will never admit it.

PelaLusa said...

Imafoxx, I wonder if your speculation is correct. Perhaps in some cases, but I'm not so sure in others. I remember about 15 yrs ago in Toronto (that's where all my hardcore feminist stories seem to come from it seems) I met a young woman. After a while I learned from her that she took great pains to carefully analyze every single thing that every single guy did around her, to her, and for her, deciding whether said action was appropriate and/or offensive. She must have been very tired every day!!