Monday, November 14, 2005

A New Canadian Flag?

The current Canadian flagThis afternoon CKNW radio host Gord McDonald asked the question, "What's wrong with a federal election at Christmas?"

I was the first one to get on-air and succinctly explained that our honourable, brave soldiers in World War 2 did not fight as they did, and die as so many did, just so that Canadians today could complain about taking a few minutes out around Christmas time to exercise their democratic right. Yet so many are already complaining
vociferously. And to each of them, I have one simple message: "You represent the very worst my country has to offer. You are no less than truly pathetic!"

Another excuse often given to avoid an election is that "we'll end up with yet another minority government". Well folks, until the Quebec issue is resolved ... and it might not happen for 5 - 20 more years, minority governments are going to be commonplace in this country. So this rhetoric espoused by Liberal sychophants that elections cost us so much money is absolute and total drivel!

The future Canadian flag?If & when a Conservative minority government is being forced out of power in the future, listen carefully for the same cries from the same people. All you will hear is utter silence. Instead, like pigs fighting to get to their snouts to the front of the trough, you'll here them screaming about how important it is to keep democracy flourishing. Maybe it's time that we get honest about who we are. Step #1 would be to change the red maple leaf on our flag to a big yellow banana ... to accurately portray the Banana Republica del Norte we've most surely become.


Anonymous said...

I get so sick of hearing the bullshit that "most Canadians" think this or that. Say it often enough and people actually believe it.

This is spin put out by the Liberanos to the lib friendly press.

In actual fact there is very little effort put out by MOST Canadians in an election. Watch some TV, listen to some radio, read a little newspaper and take 1 hour to go vote.

Not to difficult even a Christmas time.
Throw the bastards out into the gutter.

Horny toad

Anonymous said...

Well said. If people really thought about the BS they're being fed bhy the feds they'd be done like dinner. So much patronising crap.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think that the other side will not use the same rhetoric when/if they are in "power" and if they are faced with a similar situation. Everyone is angry at the other side because of ones preferences. In the end, its all the same. Its almost like a thief crying foul because the other thief got to the loot first. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Cynical One

PelaLusa said...

Cynical One,

Maybe they will. But they haven't yet, have they? Extending your logic, we should keep the Liberals in power forever. Are you actually in support of dispensing with elections and just having a dictatorship in this country?

Anonymous said...

I am saying that lets evaluate EACH MP on their own merit without branding them just based on party affiliation. If their constituency believes that the MP is honest and has done a good job and decide to keep them, regardless of party affiliation, so be it. In the end tally up the seats and whoever is in power is in power. Lets not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Just to say blanket lets bring on another party just because of a few bad apples, that is as much playing into the gamesmanship of the opposition as you say the common man is playing into the gamesmanship of the liberals. In the end I evaluate my MP on their own merit, regardless of party, and see if their ideology matches mine and if their track record of service is one that needs to be rewarded or whether a change is necessary. Although at this point a dictatorship or monarchy may not hurt for 20 years just to get some consistency in decision making...kiddin!

PelaLusa said...

Part of me agrees with you. It is important to look at one's particular candidates and vote on their pros and cons. But let's be clear about something: In our political system the average MP has very little power. They go to Ottawa and are effectively told to shut up and just vote as they're told - not much different than trained seals. This is a fact, not just some supposition.

So when voting, the candidate's party does have to come into play too. The "few bad apples" line is just Liberal party rhetoric and complete nonsense.

Question: Where in the country are you located?

Anonymous said...

British Columbia. And I have not heard anyone from liberal party use the baby/bathwater thing, just something that I personally believe. If the liberals are using it, I dont use that against them because they are doing what they have to. Any other party would use the same line I assume.