Thursday, November 03, 2005

Liberals Down in the Polls ... But Can I Make A Prediction?

A brand new poll has been released showing the Federal Liberals down 7% to 31% and the Conservatives up 4% to 30%. Ooooh, what a shock. Not!!!

Can I make a prediction? Starting in the next few days the Liberal spinmeisters and their media whores (of both sexes) will restart the age old campaign that Stephen Harper et al will take away the rights of all women, put immigrants in jail, yada, yada, yada . . . . And predictably, within just a few weeks the Liberals will be far ahead in the polls again, as the sheep of this country fall back in line.

So predictable and so sad.


MW said...

I expect you're right. The Libs are masters of manipulation. Much of the public is too fat and happy to care or "risk" change. Successful parasites never bleed their hosts so much as to kill them or invite retaliation. And so the travesty may continue.

mkb said...

I'm a Tory voter, but for the love of god people, vote another government in, regardless if its left or right wing!. After 12 years of Liberal rule, I'd even accept a NDP administration! For Gods sakes, get these bastards out of power!

Hillary said...

I agree on all counts! Time for a change. (What? RW? I''m aggreeing with you? ;) )

PelaLusa said...

You agree with me, Hillary?! Please check your temperature, take 2 Aspirin, and get lots of sleep. Otherwise if you keep agreeing with me then the sun will start rising in the West!!

Universalear said...

lib·er·al ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lbr-l, lbrl)

Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism.
Liberal Of, designating, or characteristic of a political party founded on or associated with principles of social and political liberalism, especially in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Brief comparisons:

NDP - What have they done for us in the past? Nothing. Well, actually as provincial leaders they managed to put British Columbia into extreme debt to say the least.
A party with no vision of the greater good for all peoples in Canada. Never have and never will. A no-brainer.

PC - What have they done for us in the past? They certainly didn't ask me if I was in favour of US-Canada Free Trade or the GST. They put a woman in charge for 4 months because the men couldn't get their shit together. I guess that's ok.

LIBERALS - What have they done for us in the past? Take a look for yourself (

That is why the Liberals have been and will continue to be the front runners. If you want change, here is where you will find it. Mr. Webster says so, I believe him.

Unfortunately there will always be corruption. That is unavoidable in todays society. Apply this in the simplest terms to your day to day life. Your "word" means dick to the next guy. But we expect every rhetorical promise to be kept by these leaders to set the ultimate example. Welcome to reality.
Unequivocally Chretien was a bumbling embarrasment. A literal marionette so to speak. I do however see intellegence and vision with Martin.

mw, I can tell you right now that I am definitely not "fat and happy" but I am most certainly realistic.

mkb, Please do not vote in the same fashion as you would pick fruit at the grocery store.

Good day!

PelaLusa said...

Dear Universalear,

Please hypothesize a scandal that would see you not voting for the federal Liberals. Is there any? Or will you continue to vote for them no matter WHAT they do?

Anonymous said...

Any society that views corruption as acceptable or tolerable is doomed. I'm not that cynical and I sincerely hope most Canadians aren't either.


Universalear said...

Where in my comment did I stipulate that corrupt actions are acceptable and/or tolerable? I suggest that you take the first flight to the Middle East(or Cambodia for that matter) and rant to the locals about Canadian Gov't scandals. I would have to presume that you would then be "washed over" with fervor for the Liberals.

PelaLusa said...


You said: "PC - What have they done for us in the past? They certainly didn't ask me if I was in favour of US-Canada Free Trade or the GST."

That's the best you can come up with, "they certainly didn't ask me". What a hypocrite you are to use such a statement against the Conservatives but never apply it against your corrupt Liberals.

Furthermore, NAFTA is the best thing that has ever happened to the Canadian economy. Take the time to talk with any reputable economist and s/he will tell you the same.

As for the GST, no one likes paying taxes, but a consumption tax like the GST is a whole lot better than income tax.

And once again, we see your hypocrisy - you condemn the Conservatives for introducing the GST but fail to mention that your corrupt Liberals kept it and enshrined it in our society.

You said, "They put a woman in charge for 4 months because the men couldn't get their shit together. I guess that's ok."

I'll leave it to all the women out there to point out to you what a complete sexist you are. Just because you don't think that women are up to the job of being Prime Minister, doesn't mean you have to offload your bigotry onto the rest of us.

You said, "Unfortunately there will always be corruption. That is unavoidable in todays society."

That is clearly accepting corruption, plain & simple. Your subsequent comment about comparing the level of this corruption with other countries is a clear indication of your moral relativism. Attitudes like yours ARE the problem in Canada today.

My only hope is that if you can ween yourself off of the brain numbing Liberal Kool-Aid then perhaps you'll see things in a much clearer and less hyprocritical light.

Universalear said...

In order for me to hypothesise a scandal for you I would have to enlist a group of criminal minded thinkers. That being said, I am in no way suggesting that the Liberal Party falls under this classification. Perhaps a better candidate would be the "supreme brass" at a number of banking institutions.
In my house, just because something is broken does not mean I need to purchase a new one. I would not respond with such haste as I would then feel I have not weighed my options. I would first consider that the item could be fixed amd would in turn hire a qualified repairman. There is already enough garbage in landfills.If the item is a product of a reputable company and has served me well beyond it's forecasted years of operation. I would certainly purchase the same product from the same company again. It was a product that was designed to be the very best within it's technological time frame. I would then have to presume that the new item would have to meet the same standards and rise above it.
It is deplorable that scandals occur. But they do. Thankfully the latest was exposed by one man with great morals and great big balls. That in itself sets a good example for the youth in this country. As well as a strong deterrent for the next greedy gobbler.
Mr. Martin is not trying to "wish it all away". To dispose of it "in the dump" so to speak. He is the qualified repairman of the "reputable company".
Take a look around you. You are well aware of the state of the world. Do you fell we are living in a second (or third) rate country? This is the best country in the world.
Perhaps the better question would be "Who do you feel is best qualified for the job and what stands out most on their resume?"
As an engineer, I would have to assume you could offer a more educated prediction with a greater vision for the future of this great country. sheep sir.

Anonymous said...


I must have misuderstood you. I thought you were willing to accept the endemically corrupt federal Liberals. Good to know you will accept niether them nor their theft.

But I'm confused as to why you'd like me to go to Cambodia to talk to the locals about theft and corruption there. Will that make me more understanding and accepting of what's gone on here?


Universalear said...

Just noticed you have addressed my hypocritical, sexist, bigot ass. That's a bit nasty isn't it? I thought you to be a gentleman.
My first entry was extemely brief upon waging my opinions. Apparantly I have struck a nerve.
As for the GST, even though "no one asked me" I begrudging pay it quarterly feeling I should receive a federal paycheque for collecting it. However, with it being such a gigantic fund generator,I still have faith in the hopes that this tax program will somehow benefit all peoples in a more direct and fruitful manner. I don't know how to run a country and am therefore not qualified to offer an educated alternative. Seemingly, we could argue specific Bills and how they personally apply to our own lives until an inevitable stalemate.
Chastise me all you want on moral relativism. Maybe you should take the trip with MW. Suprisingly many " over there" are more apt to me optimistic than ourlselves. They do not have great choice. I adapt to the best of my ability wherever I may be. It is a born instinct within all of us. I also try to right what I deem wrong whenever and wherever I can to the best of my physical, mental adm financial capabilities. Not all heroes and villians appear amongst our pathetically biased news media sources.
Back to the case in point. Why do you feel you can judge me on my moral beliefs whislt residing within the safe borders of same country? It's one thing to be an optimist and yet another to be a realist.
Finally, I did not say that women were incapable of reaching the position of Prime Minister. I thought you would have interpreted the statement as one derogative of the male gender. At least, that's how I meant it to be. Seeing as how I AM a woman. So it seems you too are not immuned to assumptive judgement. I forgive you. Your only human.

Universalear said...

Well, actually Cambodia is a beautiful place. It's a nice change of scenery. I do however, recommend a guided tour. Try not to ponder life itself to any great extent while there. Your faith in humanity as a whole might be quite shaken as a bloated dead human body floats by the boat. For them, it's just another dead deer on the highway and THAT is very sad (as well as the dead deer but that's a completely new topic of discussion)
Back to the corruption. Now I am beating a dead horse. I am simply trying to make you realise through comparison that by living in a country that many would literally kill to enter is a great privilage. If it is so terrible here then why do you stay?
No one in their right mind condones violence, corruption, etc. anywhere, period. I feel that the Liberals are capable of righting wrongs, of "fixing the broken wheel(s), period. They did not make ALL of the mistakes. If you feel there is a group more qualified to force expeditious change for the good of the entire country than I suggest you jump on their wagon. Ride hard. There will be many watching and yes, judging.
I sincerely hope that this Party "mounted upon white steed" fulfill your every expectation and mine for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Dear Universalear,

Thank you for the Cambodian non sequitur. But as for the issue at hand, you apparently do accept corruption. It seems you'll support the same team again in the hope they'll somehow be different this time.

As for your invitiation to leave, I don't believe in running from problems (nor burying my head in the sand); I seek to fix them. And this is a serious problem that demands a response, a cancer that must be excised before it spreads.