Sunday, November 20, 2005

Vancouver's Santa Claus Parade

My mom & I walked downtown around 10:45am. With the cold, foggy weather in the city these days, we both dressed very warmly. Arriving downtown at the front end of the parade, a dozen or so motorcycle cops were
running their high-speed drills. As I had figured, unlike last year, it wasn't so crowded where we chose to go. So it was easy to get a front row position to watch the action. My mom reminded me that last year there were periods of 10 to 15 minutes without anything coming by. That didn't happen this time around, which was nice. I don't exactly know why, but there is something about parades that I've always loved. Back when I was a kid there was always a big parade before the opening of the PNE.
My father worked for a time at a Volkswagen dealership on Georgia Street, so we'd always have a great place to view it from. But I've also seen numerous parades in Chicago and loved them all!
You can view the full set of photos by clicking here.

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