Sunday, November 27, 2005

Crispy November Day - Part 2

Continuing on to Kitsilano Beach, there were plenty of great scenes everywhere. There's an old rule of thumb amongst photographers that the best outdoor photos tend to be taken in the early morning or the early evening, because that's when the light is the most "dramatic". If you enlarge this photo and look on the near right side, you'll see that the North Shore mountains have already received a light dusting of snow. I have a friend - we'll call her 'S' - who adamantly claims that she can "smell" when it's going to snow. I've never known whether she was pulling my leg but this winter I'm going to keep an eye ... errr nostril open for this possibility!
I arrived here at Kits Beach around 3:30pm. If this were the summer, it would be brilliantly sunny but this time of year, it's dark by 5pm.
This is one of the many pieces of art that were recently placed throughout Vancouver. This one sits in front of the Watermark restaurant. You can see part of the British Properties in the distance.


dgnyhk said...

Aiya, everyone knows you can smell when it's going to snow. Just google "smell of snow" and you'll find I'm not on my own on this one!

Hillary said...

I'm with dgnyhk on that one! Just the other day a colleague of mine was saying that it smelled like snow. I had to agree that it did!

You know what it smells like when it's about to rain? Well it's like that, but it smells colder! ;)