Saturday, November 26, 2005

Shabusen: Good Eatin' on South Granville

Shabusen is a restaurant I had been to long ago but for some strange reason hadn't returned in decades. But I just went there again today and had a really great meal. They have an all you can eat lunch special for just $11.95 ($12.95 on the weekend) that is absolutely fabulous. You can pick from a variety of Japanese offerings, including some really good tasting sushi.
Plus, there are plates of beef, pork, or chicken, marinated Korean style that you cook yourself on an open broiler right at your table. I didn't think of it until later, but I suppose you could BBQ the fish from the sushi too!

Everything was very tasty and you can't beat the price. There are 2 locations but I went to the one at 2993 Granville Street - it's upstairs at the northwest corner of Granville & 14th Avenue. It's very popular so calling ahead for reservations might be prudent: 604.737.6888

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