Monday, November 28, 2005

The Election Campaign Begins!

The federal Liberal party was defeated in Ottawa today. Thank goodness. Now Canadians have another opportunity to vote against corruption, patronage, and same-old, same-old. But I have little faith they will do the right thing, especially those with a 416 area code.

What this election will really come down to are two things:

  1. Whether NDP supporters will stay true to their convictions or buy into the Liberal fearmongering and for vote for the Liberals instead.
  2. Whether Quebecers will stand firm and not vote for the Liberals who have treated them with such disdain.

While watching the news during the election campaign, try to rise above the Liberal propaganda. It will get echoed very well by so-called unbiased news media, who are anything but. Here's a handy little guide to help you. Anytime you hear any of the following phrases in relation to the Conservative party then you will immediately know that the speaker considers you to be an idiot:

  • Neo-conservative
  • Hidden agenda
  • Harper is scary
  • Gays will lose all their rights
  • Minorities will lose their rights
  • End of Medicare as you know it
  • Your entitlements will be taken away

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