Sunday, November 27, 2005

Crispy November Day - Part 1

The cold weather has definitely hit Vancouver. Well, not exactly "cold", as in what most of the rest of Canada gets, but chilly for sure. I went on my favourite walk, to get some fresh air, clear my head, and capture a few scenes from my beautiful city.
It's hard to see, even if you enlarge this photo, but there are 5 Pug dogs down on this beach, plus one shaggy interloper of some other breed. I often wonder if the "Men in Black" movies made Pugs the dog of choice for many yuppies?!
Here are a pair of kayakers going on there merry way on this beautiful afternoon day.
Finally, we have a nautical mural in front of the old A-frame building that houses the HMCS St. Roch, a RCMP boat that went up into the Arctic. These buildings are slated to be shut down once the museum inside them finds a new home downtown.

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