Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Real Face of the Obama Administration

This story caught my attention. There's MUCH MORE to this story which has not yet been mentioned. Please do yourself a favour and download this podcast. Then tune to 54:00 and listen. Listen carefully.

What you'll hear is Mark Levin replay a segment from a Detroit radio station where a lawyer working on behalf of the financial lenders to Chrysler describes the Backroom Thugocracy that is the Obama Administration.

Just imagine that you lent, in good faith, a bunch of money to a company. And part of the terms of your loan were that you would be paid back first. Then one day the government comes along and threatens to attack you via the media, which they have de facto control over.

Do you think that's legal? Do you think it's remotely ethical?

A final point to consider: Hedge funds often represent the pensions of large unions. So if you still support Obama on this issue then make no mistake that you are condemning hundreds of thousands of teachers and other union members to certain financial hardship.

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