Saturday, May 02, 2009

Report Card on the American MSM: D-

Here's a very interesting editorial from Rex Murphy. One thing that he doesn't touch upon however is what has quickly become the key ingredient for Obama & Co. to do WHATEVER they want: The vast majority of the MSM refusing to criticize, or even just mildly question, ANYTHING that the Administration is doing.

I have absolutely no reason to compare Obama with Hitler or Stalin BUT I do wonder if there are some parallels with the MSM today and the press in Germany & Russia respectively when those two aforementioned tyrants took over.

May I offer a prediction? The Obama Administration doesn't appear to like even the mildest form of dissent so I do believe that over the rest of this year we are going to witness underhanded attempts to try to curtail both Fox News and conservative talk radio. It won't be done directly of course but through their legions of brown shirts .... ummmm, I mean "3rd Party Loyalists".

Dangerous times we're living in.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right in your prediction.
In December, the annual 'year in review' time, let's discuss this to see how this situation evolves.I cannot recall an administration responding to the media in the way that Rush Limbaugh experienced. Are there any other examples?