Tuesday, May 05, 2009

California: The Canary in the Liberal Mineshaft

George Will has written a stunning article, showing precisely what has gone wrong with California's economy. Headed by a RINO governor and ultra-leftist congress, the state is a perfect example of where Barack Obama & Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid will be taking the entire United States. Simply put, the private sector can not afford to support a public sector that grows too large. Here's a telling snippet from Will's article:

The state's crisis has been caused by "moderation," understood as splitting the difference between extreme liberalism and hyperliberalism, a "reasonableness" that merely moderates the speed at which the ever-expanding public sector suffocates the private sector. California has become liberalism's laboratory, in which the case for fiscal conservatism is being confirmed. The state is a slow learner and hence will remain a drag on the nation's economy.

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