Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Drip Drip Drip of Political Correctness Continues

In what would make a brilliant Monty Python comedy sketch, there comes a real story out of Britain about a police force feeling the need to apologize to Muslim leaders over an ad featuring ... wait for it ... a German Shepherd puppy. You can read about it here and here. And be sure to read the comments therein!

Welcome to the future where your animals will have to be locked up or euthanized and all women will have to be covered up with nothing more than a slit for their eyes. Lovely, just lovely. Perhaps an intermediate step would be a law that all dogs out in public have to wear a burka?

Though I don't agree with it, I understand the perverse twisted logic of the politically correct social activists in Britain and here in British Columbia. In their view of the world, everyone is a victim. They assign victim points depending on a person's sex, sexual orientation, race, and religion. So a bi-sexual, transsexual, quadriplegic, burka wearing Muslim woman on welfare would have the maximum 100 points, while a straight, able bodied, hard working Christian white male would have the minimum of 0 points. In any situation, the person with the most points gets to be the victim (and often be paid compensation) if they feel they've been offended by someone with less points. You see, it's that simple. Don't you get it?!

But what the Muslim plaintiffs don't seem to realize is that they are stirring up a growing backlash against all Muslims. Once the tipping point of the backlash is reached, there's no turning back. The politically correct ninkampoops will be pushed aside and completely innocent Muslims will be hurt in the process. This is in no way is a threat on my part but simply a prediction of where things are headed. The backlash has already started here in Canada, with Canadians finally waking up to their country being destroyed by political correctness. It will happen in Europe one day too. Until then, I think a clothing entrepreneur should consider my Burka for Pooches idea!

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