Monday, July 21, 2008

Elmasry & Khadr: The Worst Poster Boys Ever

As I wrote about earlier, CIC President, Mohammed Elmasry, has injected himself into the ongoing debate about Omar Khadr. Something very unusual has happened over at the CBC website. Mostly populated by legions of loyal CBC listeners & viewers, a surprisingly large number of them are refusing to stick to their old multicult ultra-liberal precepts and side with Elmasy.

I signed up and added this comment:

I've long challenged my fellow Canadians to describe what it means to be a citizen of our country WITHOUT making any reference to America or Americans. Most can't do it. I have many American friends and admire many things about the founding notions of our neighbour to the south. But do we have to follow their lead on everything?

What does it say about the lack of originality of Canadians that so many of the very worst trends in America seem to get adopted here? Rap music is one. Every other young woman wanting to be just like Paris Hilton is another! The list is endless.

Last New Year's Eve I made a very public proclamation of my hopes for Canada for 2008. You can read them here. The list is real and unaltered, I assure you. It's been sitting there for 6.5 months.

Is it just my imagination, or has Mohammed Elmasry completely violated the Top 5? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course ... oh, unless you live here on Canada's Left Coast and say something the "Human Rights" commissars disagree with ... but that aside, which Canada do you want to live in:

  • One where people have similar hopes to what I published?
  • Or one where everyone is acting like Elmasry and screaming "You're a Racist" to anyone who disagrees with them?
Food for thought.

This growing backlash is exactly what Mark Steyn, in America Alone, warned would happen. Though he was referring to it happening in Europe. That it's happening in Canada now, even after years of propaganda in support of "Poor Omar" by the CBC News staff and others, is quite surprising to me.

My worry though is that moderate Muslim Canadians are going to get swept up in the backlash too. That would be both wrong and unfortunate. To prevent it, more might want to start chastising Elmasry and the CIC now.

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