Friday, July 11, 2008

Dexterity Game

I challenged Danny to a Typing Speed challenge on Facebook at which I was averaging around 65wpm. He's not touch-typist and didn't fare so well.

But then he directed me to try out this game. All you have to do is keep the red square from touching the blue squares or the black border. Seems easy. It isn't though! I could only reach about 10 seconds, but was often under 3! He said his record is 30 seconds.

Do let me know the best you can do!


Anonymous said...

What a neat game. Who needs X-box graphics and millions of colours when you can get 1970s pong-type blocks and 3 amazing colours.

I survived for 17.9 seconds by the way.

There's a definite pattern that the blocks keep repeating, so I think you'd get better the more you play.

However right off the bat it's quite difficult but fun too.


PelaLusa said...

Yes, I noticed the same initial pattern which usually got me to about 9 seconds. After that, more difficult. Next month you can watch Danny perform his [supposed] 30 second feat!