Monday, July 07, 2008

2010 Olympics Volunteering - An Interview

Today I was interviewed over the telephone by a pleasant sounding young woman. The subject was my application to volunteer for the 2010 Olympics.

I remain open minded about what might transpire in the future but this interview has lead me to be less than optimistic. The questions posed to me did not seem to probe very deeply into my skillset or expertise. There were no questions about my software and web skills, no questions about BC Digital Divide, and the only question about my vast photography experience was, "What kind of camera do you have?" Anyone who thinks that the most important ingredient of a great photograph is the type of camera doesn't know a thing about photography.

Time will tell where this leads but my default position, until proven otherwise, is that volunteers without connections will end up as parking matrons for 8 hours at a time for $60,000+ automobiles that are arriving at the mountains. Sigh.

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