Thursday, July 17, 2008

Omar Khadr: Manufacturing a Victim

For decades, I've exclaimed my disgust at how news is manufactured or "twisted" to suit the political bent of the news organization and/or report. One of the most blatant examples of this is the left-wing propaganda campaign to Free Omar Khadr. Here are some sample videos:

Pretty compelling stuff, isn't it? Makes you feel sorry for Mr. Khadr. How terrible of those war-mongering Americans to capture an innocent child, only over in Afghanistan as a charity worker. Yada, yada, yada. Michelle Shephard is a sympathetic figure but if you know much background on the Khadr case then you'll realize that she's spinning every sentence in sympathetic defense of her favourite "child soldier".

Now watch the CBC's George Strombolopolous do some more spinning:

The problem, of course, is that most of the public don't educate themselves on most news story and so our ultra-left wing Kool Aid drinking Canadian "journalists" get away with their spinning routines.

For a little counterpoint, I invite you to listen to this. Tune to 07:55.

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Muslims Against Sharia said...

Hypocrisy of the "Repatriate Omar Khadr to Canada" Movement

As soon as the Gitmo interrogation tape of Omar Khadr hit the Internet, the blogosphere was flooded with demands to repatriate him to Canada. This wave is reminiscent of a Soviet campaign to free Luis Corvalán from the "fascist regime" of Augusto Pinochet thirty five years ago. The scenario is strikingly similar. A "victim" held by "fascist regimes" this time run by Bush and Harper, and a public outcry for justice. Except for the fact that Luis Corvalán didn't kill anyone and didn't fight for a terrorist group that wants to impose Sharia.

The "repatriate Khadr" crowd describes him as "a child", "a kid", "a boy", and even "a torture victim", with no facts to substantiate the torture claims notwithstanding. They complain about Khadr being mistreated, again, without anything to back up their claims. Some of them are outraged about "child abuse." And they all scream for justice.

They want justice? OK, let's talk about JUSTICE. What about justice for Sgt. First Class Christopher J. Speer, who was (according to an eyewitness) murdered by this "child"? What about justice for Tabitha Speer, who is a widow because of this "kid"? What about justice for Taryn and Tanner Speer, who are left without a father by this "a boy"? And what about all those Afghani civilians and NATO troops who are a little bit safer because this "torture victim" is behind bars? How many of these "repatriate Khadr" hypocrites concern themselves with justice for real victims? In literally hundreds of posts, we couldn't find a single one.

One would ask, what is the reason for this idiocy? The answer is simple. Ignorance. Complete and utter ignorance. Let's forget for a second that Omar Khadr killed Christopher Speer. Let's forget that Khadr's father was an al Qaeda financier. Let's forget that Khadr's family is known for it being al Qaeda sympathizers. Let's just remember what this "child" was fighting for in Afghanistan.

This is what Taliban-imposed Sharia looks like in real life:

Why don't all of you, bleeding heart demagogues go to Afghanistan and spend a day in a Taliban-controlled territory? And let's talk about Khadr when you get back. If you get back.