Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Canada Veers into the Monty Python Twilight Zone

In Halifax, Nova Scotia a Caucasian woman who has converted to Fundamentalist Islam has brought a newspaper in front of the province's "Human Rights" Commission for publishing this cartoon: You can read more about this ridiculous case on Ezra Levant's blog.

It saddens me to see that a judicial body on the other side of Canuckistan is just as preposterous as the one in my province.

A commenter on Levant's article referred readers to this Monty Python sketch:
I challenge anyone to provide a cogent argument that Canada hasn't become more absurd than the satire of Monty Python.

Incidentally, please realize that if a new comedy troupe were to do that comedy sketch anew, they would almost certainly be brought in front of one or more HRCs across this once great land. And yet, the employees and supporters of the HRCs have absolutely convinced themselves that they are the ones "on the side of the angels". How sad.

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