Thursday, July 10, 2008

British Editorial about Canada's Stephen Harper

Unexpected praise for our Prime Minister came out of Britain this week. Here's a snippet of what was said about him:

Of all the leaders [at the G8], only Stephen Harper - the talented but curiously neglected Canadian prime minister - is able to point to a popular and successful record in office.

Some will regard it as alarming that, in current times, world leadership should rest with Canada. But the Canadian Tories are a model of how to behave during a downturn.


nachtwache said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting that. I wish more positive things were said in the media. Harper is intelligent, has integrity, he's a good leader!

Liam Smith said...

Harper is one of the worst leaders Canada has ever had. His whole aim is to exploit the Alberta tar sands at any cost. There is no doubt that he is an intelligent human being but he doesn't use his intelligence to help the people of Canada. Only to help the globe's richest and most pathological. A real leader has his people's future in mind and surrounds himself with elected representatives, not appointed cronies.

PelaLusa said...

Liam, I couldn't disagree with you more but thank you for taking the time to express your opinion.

Quick question: Would it be fair to assume that you have consistently voted for the Liberals or NDP all of your life?

Liam Smith said...

In fact, since Harper has come into power in Canada, our country's economy has not flourished and diversified. It's become a basket holding all of our eggs.

Liam Smith said...

Liberals and NDP are without vision too. It's almost not worth voting.

And incidentally, my opinion of the Conservatives and the Liberals is pretty much exactly the same . . . neither show any courage. The difference being that the CPC are more overt with their pandering, whereas the LPC likes to appear as if they are doing nothing at all, good or bad. It seems like we get the status quo, no matter who's in power. Maybe we need to just move towards oligarchy and leave it at that.

PS - I voted Green the last two elections. Because they've never had power they have real ideas and hope.

Liam Smith said...

I'm sure this isn't where to comment on this stuff, but you've got some fantastic photography here. Looks great!

PelaLusa said...

Thank you for your kind words, Liam. And once again, thank you for commenting earlier.

If you read through the history of my political views you'll discern that I am not a flunky for any particular political party. I am cynical about all politicians and generally vote for the party that will do the least financial damage and have the least government involvement in my life. I realize that you're perhaps on the exact opposite of such political views. C'est la vie.

You might be heartened to learn though that I quite willingly gave up my car in late 2002 and just rent one now when I need one. With that said, I don't buy into the whole man-made global warming hysteria, I do very much support the twinning of the Port Mann Bridge, and would never chastise a person for the vehicle they drive.

What I will consistently do however is condemn the many hypocrites out there. David Suzuki is one. Al Gore is another. Cher & Madonna are others still.