Friday, July 11, 2008

Wildly Increased Food Prices!

I was down at Granville Island, buying a number of things for a party I'm having tomorrow. At one place I bought 4 salads and a container of olives. No huge quantities. I handed the woman my credit card and then she casually said, "That'll be $101.05."

It didn't register for a few seconds but then hit me with a full-force "Huh?!" I walked over to her, now at the cash register, an politely asked her to itemize the prices for me.

When she did so, she arrived at a different total: $38.70. Quite a bit different! It was an innocent mistake though and she was incredibly cute so I was just content to get everything resolved amicably.


nachtwache said...

Blond? :)

PelaLusa said...

Asian. But shhhh, I'd love to meet this woman again!