Thursday, July 17, 2008

Man-Made Global Warming Shot Down

I just listened to a great interview on CKNW between host Jon McComb and guest Christopher Monckton. He discusses a very detailed technical paper he wrote for the American Physical Society. To hear the interview, click here and tune your media player to 35:40 and then later to 46:30.

Here's one key quote by Lord Monckton:

One of the most disfiguring parts of the deliberations of the UN's Climate Panel has been the insistence of the bureaucrats that run it that a particular orthodoxy shall be reflected in the scientific documents it produces. The scientists are not, repeat, not in charge of the UN Climate Panel. It is political representatives who agree on the final text and it is bureaucrats who prepare that final text for them after the scientists have all signed off the final version.

And when I got my final version of it and read through it I saw that these bureaucrats had inserted, among many other things, a table of figures in which, by ingenious manipulation of 4 decimal points, they had succeeded in exaggerating the contribution of melting ice sheets and glaciers - the sort of thing that Al Gore is always banging on about - not just a little exaggeration but a ten-fold exaggeration, a thousand percent exaggeration.

And so I wrote to the IPCC and said, "Look, once we've signed off on this document it is not for you to insert tables like this without our sanction and without having drawn our attention to it.

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