Monday, July 28, 2008

Interesting Global Warming Statistics

E-mail from a friend:

Between 1997 and 2004, carbon dioxide emissions rose as follows:

Emissions worldwide increased 18.0%;

Emissions from countries that ratified the protocol increased 21.1%;

Emissions from non-ratifiers of the protocol increased 10.0%;

Emissions from the US (a non-ratifier) increased 6.6%;

Emissions from the US increased less than 75% of ratifying countries.

With respect to the last point, the following are the percentage rises in emissions for a list of selected countries which have ratified the protocol (or which were exempted from targets): Maldives, 252%; China, 55%; Luxembourg, 43%; Iran, 39%; Norway, 24%; Russia, 16%; Italy, 16%; Finland, 15%; Mexico, 11%; Japan, 11%; Canada, 8.8%.

Here is unequivocal factual evidence in support of the scathing observation. ‘Global warming’ has become the ultimate faith without works. All that matters is the public confession of sin and belief, which must now also include the vilification of the US.

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