Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Getting to Whistler: Time for an Alternative Route?

Highway 99, the only direct route to Whistler, is currently blocked do to a large rockslide between Lions Bay and Squamish.If this happens during the 2010 Olympics, it'll be a disaster. Thinking to the future, perhaps it's time to pave another route, a dirt road that emanates from Harrison Hot Springs and heads up to Whistler. I don't know if it goes all the way but it definitely goes a long portion up there. Imagine the beautiful vistas that will be opened up to the general public along Harrison Lake!


johnschochet said...

Perhaps a train along that alternate route would be the better solution. Two train tracks take up much less space than a modern road, so the construction is lower impact, trains use far less energy per person than cars (or buses), and there's no real need for a car once up in Whistler.

Riley Forman said...

There is a great alternate route to whistler through Hope BC and the Fraser Canyon

Sea to Sky Highway Closed Alternate Route to Whistler would like to remind travelers, media outlets, And tourism industry representatives, that the scenic route two and from Whistler and Vancouver is through the coast mountain circle tour. A short drive through some of BC'S most beautiful back country on safe fully paved and functional highway system. There defiantly is "Hope" in getting to and from your destinations this long weekend, through Hope BC on the Trans-Canada Highway through the Fraser Canyon. For more information on the the Fraser Canyon and the Whistler - Vancouver circle tour please visit our website!
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