Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Globe and Mail's Series on Drug Abuse: Part 4

Margaret Wente concludes her week long series on drug abuse and drug policy. She talks about Billy Weselowski, a recovered drug addict who runs successful drug treatment programs.

But the "experts" (especially politicians and academics) don't want to listen to Weselowski. What could he possibly know about addiction? They know better! They have the multiple letters after their name. They have the countless "research" studies. And most importantly of all, they have access to the seemingly endless trough of public funds which are going to run countless programs to supposedly reduce harm. Not end addiction. Never end addiction. But reduce harm.

This would be a laughable movie about con men, if it weren't so serious a subject affecting a large number of marginalized human beings. One day insight will come to the powers at be and Insite and programs like it will be shut down immediately.

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