Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Moral Relativism of the Ultra-Liberal

Have you been following the absolute horrible atrocities going on in Zimbabwe? I have. Besides Robert Mugabe ending any hope of democracy, there are countless people being murdered and tortured by the thugs of this tyrant.

To date I thought I had heard some of the most ridiculous statements of defense of Mugabe. One came from Khurrum Awan's mentor, Mohammed Elmasry, when he wrote this editorial in the Montreal Gazette. I've also heard some African callers to BBC London assert that Zimbabwe is the "greatest democracy the world has ever seen". Such callers obviously missed the lesson that if you're going to tell a lie, ensure there's some shred of truth to it.

But now the Globe & Mail's life long ultra leftist, Rick Salutin, wins the gold medal for going where no reasonably sane person has ever dared to go before. Jonathan Kay provides his take on Salutin's diatribe, along with a link to the actual editorial as well. Below Kay's article, be sure to read the sick moral relativist ramblings of one "Ambrose99". Thankfully there are enough thoughtful Canadians out there who won't let such hateful screeds go unanswered.

Sadly though, there are many, many people out there who emulate the twisted logic of Salutin and Ambrose99. Listen carefully to them and you will almost always see that their hatred for America and Israel far outweighs any care or support they have for people in this world who are truly being oppressed. And this is why the UN has become a useless organization and why the atrocities in Zimbabwe, Darfur, Burma, and countless other places is allowed to continue. These people have blood on their hands yet are so mired in their own endless schtick that they've actually convinced themselves that they are on the side of the angels. There is no greater delusion!

For more on the Zimbabwe situation, please go here and here.

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nachtwache said...

You're such a breath of fresh air! Most people seem to have no interest, I just spoke with a friend I e-mailed the piece about Harper and he said, that he had no idea we have such a sensible, decent leader.
The majority of people don't inform themselves, or listen to liberal lies. It's fashionable to save the planet, hate the U.S. and conservatives, religion etc.