Friday, December 23, 2005

Interested To Help Bridge The Digital Divide?

If you live in Greater Vancouver and are at all intrigued to be kept informed about what we're trying to do to bridge the Digital Divide then just send an e-mail to All that will happen is that your name will be put on a list and in several weeks - probably February - I'll send you an e-mail explaining how the vision is evolving and seeking input from all interested parties who have ideas and/or want to get directly involved.

From the start this is going to be an association of hi-tech professionals who want to give back to the community in a highly focused, highly effective manner. Though not every detail has been fleshed out, what I can promise you is that there'll be minimal bureaucracy, maximum productivity, and some amazing results. For the all important goal here is to eliminate the digital divide that currently exists in our community. We're not going to have endless meetings about what we'd like to do but rather we're just going to do it!

Not only will you feel great about what you're doing to help less fortunate members of our society, but the networking opportunties for you will be tremendous! And working with other top professionals, you will learn ... a lot! Just so you know, refurbishing computers is just Phase 1 of where I want to take this. Mentoring young aspiring graphic artists, software developers, project managers, etc. will be Phase 2. And setting up "small clouds" of free or low-cost WiFi in low income housing areas will be a possible Phase 3.

My life this past week has been the greatest, most exhausting, and absolutely most rewarding one of my entire life. I've met some incredible, generous individuals, and been inspired several times every day. It has been quite the thrill ride. Though I need to get back to my "real" life and launch a new company and new product, I am absolutely positive of what can be accomplished if a small team of bright, dedicated professionals all puts their focus in the same direction.

The overwhelming response from Vancouverites - 5 people willing to donate to 400+ in just 4 days - is proof positive that a spark of inspiration and can do willpower has been lit. Within the time & means I have available, I'm going to do everything I can to get this spark flourishing and burning brightly. But I can't do it all on my own. So if you are interested to learn more then do drop a line or two about yourself to Most important of all, you don't need to work in the hi-tech field to get involved!

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Hillary said...

WHEEEE! I'm so excited that this has taken off! I'm keeping my eyes and ears out for possible donations, and if I hear of any I'll be sure to let you know.

May I suggest that you put a link to the other website (the Tech Donation one) somewhere prominent on your blog? It's getting burried now under new posts.

How true it is that the only life worth living is a life given away. Isn't it funny that when we're the least focussed on ourselves we actually feel the most alive?

Keep it up!
~ From your cheering section :D