Friday, December 09, 2005

Go See the Stanley Park Xmas Train!

I love trains. Always have, in fact. And Vancouver is blessed to have a magnificent smaller scale train that one can actually ride. It's located in Stanley Park and is a big hit with kids and adult kids alike. During the Christmas season they decorate the entire route with over a million brilliant lights. If you get a chance do go see the train this year. Your admission entitles you to ride the train, plus to go see the Children's Farmyard. I don't know if the ducks will be dressed up in Christmas wear though! For more information click here. I have 2 pieces of advice: Dress warmly and know that you will likely have to get tickets about 3 hours ahead of time; yes, it's that popular! What I have typically done is get the tickets and then go have a nice dinner on nearby Denman or Robson Street.

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Hillary said...

That's quite the getup you've got on there! Animal print suits you well. ;)

I love the Stanley Park Train! For years when I was a kid it was tradition: we'd go to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner then to the train. Haven't done that in a few years now. I've got to revive that tradition! So fun!