Monday, December 19, 2005

The Computer Donation Project Takes Off!

What an amazing day! Yesterday John Daly's segment on my project was broadcast on the 6pm and 11:30pm news at BCTV. When I checked this morning there were about 30 new people who wanted to donate something. I had to head out by 9:30am but managed to answer most of them. But when I got back in the afternoon there 173 new messages awaiting my attention. I nearly fainted!

I immediately knew I had to do something to better control the process because I simply won't be able to properly answer and coordinate every one of these e-mails by this weekend. How does Santa do it?!? So I constructed this web page. As I state there, I am truly grateful to everyone who has contacted me and offered to donate something. Up until now I was more than willing to accept most any computer that would run Windows (or any newer Mac). But some of the donations now coming in are fairly modern machines. Ultimately it's my responsibility to get for the families the very best equipment I can so I just can't accept everything.

This evening my longest time friend, 'D', and I drove around Vancouver picking up all sorts of computer equipment. The woman you see pictured above is named Elspeth. I was overwhelmed by her incredible generosity and her determination to get her powerful computer to a bright & curious student who would truly benefit from it and be inspired to achieve greater things. I was also incredibly honoured that she has placed her trust in me to make this happen. Her trust is well placed.

Later we met this gracious gentleman, Shamash, who was donating a somewhat older computer, but still one that will bring great benefits to the child who gets it. And a big thanks also to Jan and her husband and Harold and Benny, four other amazing people we met on our journey this evening.

This afternoon I was contacted by CBC Radio 1. They want to interview me on their morning show on Wednesday. With the prospective donator count now at 205, my first inclination was to say, "Nooooooooooo!!!" But I thought about it and hope to use the occasion to see if some of the following might be offered by individuals and companies alike:

  • Use of a van or mini-van this Friday & Saturday
  • Donation of software from Microsoft and others; educational games would be terrific
  • Donation of 6 months free Internet service from Shaw and/or Telus
  • Donation of printer cartridges
Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. I'll leave it at that.

I am completely exhausted but absolutely alive with the Spirit of Christmas! Though I grew up here in Vancouver, I've had great challenges with certain aspects of the city over the years. Vancouverites are often accused by newcomers as being cold, aloof, and superficial. And I think we all encounter examples of such behaviour on many days. But I must tell you that today I was shown a glimpse into the true heart & soul of Vancouverites and saw something more incredibly beautiful than even the majestic scenery that surrounds us.

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Hillary said...

It's great to see the human spirit coming out, hey? Yay for Christmas time!