Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Underlying Violence of the Rabid Left

Imagine if a male journalist wrote an article advocating which women he'd like to rape. Do you think there'd be a large outcry from everyone, especially women's groups?

I'd certainly hope so. But apparently not if the women in question happen to be conservatives. Such is the case with Guy Cimbalo, who yesterday wrote that he'd like to "Hate F*ck" (ie. rape) the following women:

  1. Amanda Carpenter
  2. Dana Perino
  3. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  4. Laura Ingraham
  5. Mary Katharine Ham
  6. Michelle Malkin
  7. Megyn Kelly
  8. Michelle Bachman
  9. Pamela Geller
  10. Peggy Noonan
Who would ever have thought that in the so-called progressive times we live in that mainstream writers would publicly say such things and that the outcry against them by mainstream women's groups was absolutely silent. Shame! Absolute & Utter Shame!!

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