Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Brian Deese: "Boldly Ignorant and Unskilled Apparatchik"

Further to my earlier post on the very strange happenings at GM, come thoughts from others:

John Batchelor:

  • Brian Deese is a Gen X version of a commissar - a political officer in charge of maintaining the aura and discipline of a Leninist cult at any particular enterprise.
  • ... he dropped out of Yale Law, worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign, then switched to the winning Obama campaign after it won? Or that he lives with his dog? This may be a new kind of passive punishment for GM. Bought by POTUS to be handed over to a boldly ignorant and unskilled apparatchik who thinks of himself as dog-lover.
Uppity Woman:
  • I guess the world has changed since last week or something. Most people who are put in charge of important things generally know something. Usually they are picked for experience and knowledge. Oh wait. How stupid of me.
  • Don’t you just love the way the New York Times describes an arrogant, horrendous, self-impressed horse’s ass when it’s one of Barack Obama’s horrendous, arrogant, self-impressed horse’s asses?

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