Monday, June 29, 2009

Seattle - Day 2

As part of the official welcoming committee at Mike's house, his dog & 2 cats decided to take over the bed of the visitor aka moi!

I had neglected to get a haircut back home so Mike recommended this place. Apparently several of Microsoft's senior executives go here too. I was very satisfied with the end result on top of my own head!

I was meeting a longtime friend of mine, Stanton, for lunch in Bellevue. I got there a bit early so decided to wander around some. I'd never seen anything like this setup before.

Bellevue's architecture is exceptionally modern.

This Dale Chihuly glass sculpture was in the entrance of one of the many malls there.

I loved the contrast of these two signs!

Stanton's lunch was more than a little colourful.

For dinner, Mike & I tried the Mongolian Grill. I'd gone to one many times in Mexico City but never in Seattle before. Very tasty!

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