Saturday, June 13, 2009

CHRC Uses Electronic Duct Tape to Silence Ezra Levant

If you want to see a small example of just how far out of control the Canadian "Human Rights" Commissions are, watch this video. Never in my entire life have I seen such a preposterous arrangement where the audio of one of the pundits was silenced. Pathetic.

The silenced one, Ezra Levant, has the back story here and here.

For visual purposes, it would have been priceless if Levant had affixed a piece of duct tape over his mouth but still, his [forced] silence spoke volumes ... loudly. Let's hope that more & more Canadians are finally realizing that Jennifer Lynch's Canada is more totalitarian than even George Orwell could have conceived in his darkest dreams.

For Jennifer "Gag All Who Disagree With Me" Lynch-mob not to appear on the show EVEN AFTER the ridiculous conditions were set up by CTV is positive proof of:

  1. What an absolute coward she is.
  2. What a completely unaccountable public official she is.
  3. Why she should be fired immediately.
The fact that our current Conservative government is doing nothing about this is beyond appalling. Certainly the Liberals and NDP would be even worse but I cannot look up to (or send money to) a political party that is "less worse" than others.

Update: With permission, I am posting this brilliant PhotoShopped pic from Leigh Patrick Sullivan:

Make no mistake, this is precisely how Jennifer Lynch wants to conduct business with anyone who disagrees with her!

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