Thursday, June 04, 2009

Neverending Green Guilt

This is a landmark editorial by George Will that I believe historians will use as a footnote to mark the end of the Green Death Cult that has suckered in the MSM over the past few years. Thank goodness!

This got me thinking about something . . . in my vision of nirvana the women are lean, fit, & well groomed and the sex with them is passionate and guilt-free.

But in Al Gore's nirvana, the women only use 3 squares of toilet paper per day, only shower once a week from water captured off of the rooftops, and sex with them, to paraphrase Dennis Miller, is extremely neurotic & endlessly dull!


Geoffrey Meredith said...

That was quit an information-less article. The "green bubble" has burst? He is correct that people have put more focus on economics downturn than in being green. But then again, the focus on economics has over shadowed most other things too. Even if his opinion that people have given up on a green fad were true, would he really rejoice in having his country driven into the the ground by glutton as it has been doing in recent years?

Pelalusa said...

I couldn't agree with you less, Geoff, in that the past 6 months has shown that the majority of people are fed up with the never ending Guilt-Guilt-Guilt mantra of the Environmental Left.

Of course everyone wants for the Earth to be clean but I would suggest that the majority are not willing to give up their vehicles, hot showers, fridges, washing machines, dryers, and computers.

In point of fact, in practice I think that you & I are on the same page these days based on the way we run our respective lives. And I have to believe that you would join me in not condemning those who drive to work and use airplanes to fly for business or pleasure.