Friday, June 12, 2009

The Letterman Debacle: Some Positive Signs

As this day draws to a close I'm pleased to be able to report that some semblance of unity is occurring between the Left and the Right in America over a mutual disgust of David Letterman's recent attacks on Sarah Palin and her daughters.

Starting with the Right, Michelle Malkin and Don Surber have provided some pretty stinging indictments.

But also on the Left, I was stunned, in a positive way, to see this condemnation by NOW, which is generally regarded as a fairly Far Left organization. Sure, they balanced it with a criticism of an old Rush Limbaugh crack but fair is fair.

I was perhaps most impressed of all though by the over 200 comments on Uppity Woman's blog. In case you're not aware, she was a big time Hillary Clinton supporter and in no way a Republican. In one of the comments she wrote this:

Rape is rape. And disrespect of women is moving toward rampant in this country, PARTICULARLY among the far far left Democrats. They are the very pigs they have called the republicans all these years. They are caught up in their own irony and have become what they said they despise. They no longer represent the women of America and perhaps they never did, but just pretended so that they could get votes. This kind of behavior against women is growing in leaps and bounds and the young women in this country had better get the point before they find they must start all over again gaining rights they thought were Forever.

How would Dave Letterman like a nice joke about his fugly five year old? I’ll be that’s off limits to him because it’s his kid. Thank GOD he doesn’t have a daughter is all I can say.

Intelligent, decent people have quickly realized that a very scary line has been crossed here. It's not healthy for political discourse or for a country. Absolutely no repercussions have occurred to Letterman yet. I still think he should donate a large sum of money to a Rape Crisis Center or similar organization and even volunteer there for a dozen hours. It would do him a lot of good.

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