Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Great Divide Between the Left and the Right

Barack Obama has quickly proven to be a lightning rod between the Left and the Right. He clearly inspires the former yet makes the latter wince with great skepticism.

Andrew Cline has written a new article that explains this divide. Here's a snippet:

President Obama's approach to foreign policy rests entirely on [the premise that other nations and peoples are motivated primarily by a desire to get along with others]. If he is right, amazing accomplishments await. If he is wrong, reality awaits instead.

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hms victory said...

"He would withdraw all of our troops from the Middle East, dismantle the CIA, toss Israel to the wolves, and pull our fleets back to within our territorial waters (sort of a Ron Paul approach)."

Either Obama can make that decision himself under his terms, or one day foreign creditors can make that decision for him under their terms.

Not unlike the way the Americans threatened to stab the British in the back in 1956 over Suez.