Monday, June 01, 2009

The New GM: Socialist Motors

I'm very disturbed by the news today that the Obama Administration will now effectively be running GM. This is a very bad sign in the long history of American capitalism.

Amongst the strangest of the news of this government takeover is that the person managing it all will be a 31 year-old law student named Brian Deese. His experience in the automobile industry to date is . . . absolutely zero. In fact, I don't actually believe that he has ever worked in the private sector whatsoever. So why is Mr. Deese involved in this at all?

Henry Payne provides some interesting background information on what led up to this day. Hugh Hewitt and his listeners discussed the issue as well.

Thinking ahead a few moves . . . Barack Obama is clearly staking his future on this plan. I strongly suspect that very few conservatives (which polls indicate constitute 60% of Americans) are going to buy a government made car. So that leaves the remaining 40% of Americans. There will be a HUGE push to get this latter group to buy GM cars.

After all, GM is now the perfect company for the Left:
  • Government controlled
  • Employing highly paid union workers
  • No more "greedy capitalists" at the helm to mess things up
The question is, do you think that the Leftists and Limousine liberals will walk their talk? Will they put their money where their collective mouths are? Will they give up their Priuses and Honda Civics and Smart Cars and Lexuses and BMWs and instead buy GM cars? Obama's future depends upon it.


hms victory said...

GM = Government Motors


David in North Burnaby BC said...

I'm less concerned about Barry looting the Americans than I am about Harpo pumping our tax money into Garbage Mobiles.
In fact I'm as >:< as hell!

Pelalusa said...

I'm not happy with ANY politicians these days, David. After the past 6 months of endless spending, is it any wonder why Canada has so much debt? I don't care if our debt per citizen is the lowest of the G7. It's still WAY TOO MUCH.