Friday, June 12, 2009

Mayor Robertson Meets Reality

I just heard a woman on the radio named "Lynne" talking about the situation of the two homeless shelters near Beach and Howe. She mentioned that there are now dozens upon dozens of street people living just a block from a preschool, how loud parties are going on all the time, how urinating and fornicating is going on, and how used needles are being found all around the area.

Our "beloved" leader, Mayor Gregor Robertson, was interviewed on the issue here @ 36:00. Listen to the naive twit and see if you gain ANY confidence from what he's saying. If you think I'm being too harsh then read what Alex Tsakumis has to say.

I will never forget when Robertson was running to be my MLA for the first time. He was on a radio talk show which I called and asked him this simple question:

My elderly mother and her friends are getting increasingly scared of being out on the streets. They are getting increasingly harassed by panhandlers. If you're elected, what are you going to do about it?

His answered floored me: "Elderly people like your mother should appreciate all they have and have more empathy for those without." His answer spoke volumes to me and why I'm not surprised one bit about his absolute incompetence on this issue.

With the world media soon to be descending on Vancouver in greater & greater numbers, this will clearly be a story they will (and should!) focus on!!

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