Saturday, June 13, 2009

Participate in Canadian Democracy!

If you're like me, and also a Canadian, then you're probably sick & tired of sitting back and reading these never-ending stories about the dreadful state of affairs in our country. Whether it be our lack of Free Speech rights, our lackadaisical Law & Order policies, or our excessive taxes, there's a lot of room for improvement.

But if you're like most Canadians then you just sit back and do nothing. Why? The most common excuse is "because the politicians won't do anything". Let's be clear about something: We do live in a democracy and our members of Parliament are here to serve us. But let's not forget a key fact: if only a handful of people complain then our politicians will not do anything. And quite frankly, if the majority does not appear to want something changed then the politicians shouldn't do anything!

But if enough people contact them then changes will occur!

The MPs you'll have the best chance of effecting change with are the Conservatives. And the good news is that never before in history has it been so simple to connect with your elected members of Parliament. I've set things up so that you can click on any of the links below and an e-mail will be initiated on your computer. Just click on your particular district:

As a little inspiration to get you started, here's the e-mail I just sent to my BC MPs:

Dear British Columbia Conservative MPs,

I would like to draw your attention to something I just wrote about on my blog.

Jennifer Lynch and the CHRC is clearly out of control. She is embarrassing not only herself, but also all public institutions. She is supposed to be an accountable civil servant but is instead acting more like pompous member of royalty. Metaphorically she just told Ezra Levant and all other Canadians who deeply believe in Free Speech, "Let them eat cake!"

You NEED to do something about this! And as I've stated publicly before, I will only start donating to the Conservative Party of Canada once the infamous Section 13 of the CHRC and the equivalent section here in BC is removed. You have my word on that.


Robert Werner
Vancouver, BC

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