Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Melanie Phillips Explains The Recent BNP Success

The Spectator's Melanie Phillips provides a devastating analysis of the recent election in the UK. She points out that the Radical Leftist domestic policies of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have directly lead to the victories of the Far Right party, the BNP. Never forget that politics is like a pendulum. Most people would like things to remain relatively in the middle but when it starts moving too far in one direction then there's a natural reaction of the public to pull it back in equal, and sometimes even greater, measure.

Here's a little of what she wrote:
Labour MPs are shocked that it is their own voters who have turned to the BNP. They are shocked because it is a mantra of the left that it stands in heroic and historic opposition to fascism. This is untrue. Both fascism and communism have their roots in counter-Enlightenment, obscurantist thinking which replaced reason by emotion, Judeo-Christian ethics by paganism, and the rejection of the primacy of the individual in favour of collectively imposed authority.

Barack Obama and the Democrats in the U.S. should heed a careful warning from what's transpiring in the UK.

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