Friday, June 12, 2009

Reverend Wright and the Holocaust Museum Shooting

This morning I came across this posting by Amy Alkon concerning Reverend Wright's latest outburst.

Isn't it interesting how during the 2008 Presidential election campaign, if anyone "dared" bring up the peculiarity of Barack Obama spending 20 years of his life in Reverend Wright's church, they were immediately labeled as "racists" and insensitive to Black issues in America.

How terribly convenient, eh?! Dare question Obama's close association with his hate mongering pastor and the entire discussion is immediately swept under the rug under the auspices of RACISM.

Now the latest chapter in Wright's demented life story has been written. It's absolutely no different from the chapters before yet there's no mea culpa from the Left, is there?!

In the comments section of the aforementioned story on Alkon's site was a comment by a woman named Lynne, referring to this editorial. It concerns the recent shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC and the reaction to it.

To recap ... an absolutely demented old man enters the museum with a rifle and kills another human being. And the immediate response of the Left? Blame the "right-wingers"! Blame Rush Limbaugh! Blame Sean Hannity! Yet, never in my life have I EVER heard conservative talk show hosts utter a derogatory word about Jews. Not once. Yet on the Rabid Left blogs (HuffPo, DailyKos, CBC News, etc.) criticism and blame of the Jews is a regular staple in the diet needed to feed their craven sick hearts. It doesn't matter what the topic, the Jews are always blamed by a legion of hateful Leftists. Always!

If "Denial" could be bottled, these folks would be billionaires!

Turns out that the commenter Lynne, had parallel thoughts, which I just read after I wrote this.

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