Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Britain's Most Shameful Hour

In any social gathering it's usually pretty easy to identify those folks on the Far Left of the political spectrum. Just look for those who [appear to be] the most compassionate and open minded. How will you find them? They will tell you so, repeatedly and loudly!

To see the true spirit of such folks in practice, one needs to go no further than following the banning of Michael Savage from the UK. Yes, he's a loud mouth. Yes, he sometimes says some stupid things. But so what?! To suggest that he's inciting hatred is simply Leftist double-speak for "we don't agree with your opinions".

I find it very strange that in the nation that prides itself on Speaker's Corner, the government is so intent on shutting up people it has ideological differences with.

Too bad that British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith doesn't have the intellectual fortitude to reflect upon other countries (current and historical) that have taken the same course of action as her. The UK, once a glorious beacon to the world, has become a despicable Free Speech Denier. Note: I only use the "D" word to mock the Global Warming zealots of the Left who throw the term around so loosely these days.

Britain still does have democratic elections, don't they? It will be most interesting to see if the good people of the United Kingdom still care about their democracy and freedom enough to toss out these thugs currently in power. If bankrupting their nation and taking away their free speech rights isn't enough, one has to wonder what is!

Finally, make absolutely no mistake that there's a direct correlation with the mindset of Jacqui Smith and her ilk and the "Human Rights" Commissions here in Trudeaupia. It's proof positive why all Canadians must fight these same dark forces wherever and whenever we can!

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