Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Narcissist in Chief

A stunning new article investigates the strange psychological forces that drive Barack Obama.

Here's a comment on the same from SDA's "ET":

Yes, Obama is a narcissist. But not a 'mild' type, such that everyone who hears about his narcissism will sigh and say 'oh well, all politicians are narcissistic'. He's a pathological narcissist.

This means that his need to be in control of how YOU interact with him supercedes everything. It means not only that he has, long ago, moved himself into a fictional world of which he alone is the author, but he must control all that happens and exists in this world. He cannot interact directly with reality; he interacts only through this 'text' that he created, long ago, where he is esteemed, valued, adored - and above all, in control.

If he feels that he is losing this control over you, and by control, I mean his freezing you into ONE mindset about him (adoration), then, he has two options. One - he will act as if you don't exist. And quite frankly, since he can't control you, you don't exist. He's quite capable of walking by you, lying shot on the ground. The other option is rage; he'll be insanely angry and try to control you that way.

We can see his constant pressure on the American public for adulation. His constant photo-ops, even to his eating a hamburger! His control of the Press, where his press meetings are pre-set, controlled and no critical questions are allowed. That is, he ignores FOX news and anyone who will question or criticize him. Obama uses these constant press meetings to pontificate and preach to us, the unenlightened and unwashed.

Criticize Obama - and he'll get his aides after you, as they did with the Tea Parties.

The problem with a pathological narcissism, is that once put in a role of great power, it can explode in breadth and scope. He'll become obsessed with his need to control and to receive adulation. He'll become obsessed with anyone who criticizes him.
So, we'll see more anger, more control, more repression, more photo-ops of 'the casual Obama' and more misinformation and manipulation on his part.

Plus, since he himself has no capacity for historical, economic or legal analysis, and thus, can't understand the results of his controlling policies - we'll see a chaotic mess as he cannot explain policies and programs - and yet, cannot handle criticism of them.

Posted by: ET at May 6, 2009 12:38 PM

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Narcissism. That explains a lot!